• Random Thought

    In life’s toolbox, money is the hammer.

  • ACM IVA 2023

    I will be attending the ACM Intelligent Virtual Agents conference in W├╝rzburg Germany this week to present my paper “The Impact of Virtual Human Vocal Personality on Establishing Rapport: A Study on Promoting Mental Wellness Through Extroversion and Vocalics.” Looking forward to meeting the attendees, as well as seeing more sites like this.

  • Kickball – Slim Kickins vs Big Kick Energy

    Our undefeated kickball team, Slim Kickins, will be facing off against the also undefeated team, Big Kick Energy on Sun Apr 16, 2023 at 1:00PM. We’ll be playing rain or shine at Tom Petty Park. Come out and give us a cheer.