Greetings and salutations. I’m Andrew Maxim, a PhD student in Human-Centered Computing at the University of Florida. I am passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and human communication, and I am currently focused on using vocalics to improve the outcomes of virtual human interventions.

Under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin Lok at the Virtual Experiences Research Group (VERG) lab, I have been conducting cutting-edge research in virtual environments, investigating how vocalics can enhance user experiences and make virtual interactions more engaging and immersive. I truly believe that understanding the subtleties of human communication can revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

Before embarking on my PhD journey, I earned a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering from Iowa State University and a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Excelsior College. My academic background and curiosity have led me to delve into the fascinating world of Human-Centered Computing, where I strive to bridge the gap between humans and technology.


I often make the joke that without collaborators, computer scientists would spend all their time making video games (or tools to help make video games). While this is meant as a joke, collaborations present a multitude of opportunities for computer scientists to tackle real world, meaningful challenges we might otherwise overlook or not even be aware of.


Life is more than just research and academia. These are a few of the hobbies and recreational activities that I enjoy when not reading, writing, or researching.

  • Electric Skateboarding (building and riding)
  • Gaming (board games, RPG games, video games, all of it)
  • Kickball (Previously a member of Slim Kickins with Stonewall Sports)
  • Beer (I like a good stout or hops forward ale)